This Version Posted: January 14, 2022

Prepare students for a safe return to in-person learning at Ontario schools on Jan. 17.

NEWWatch this recording of the ABCs of Back to In-Person Learning virtual event held on Jan. 13. The hour-long session features local medical experts discussing:

  • The safe return to in-person learning
  • Prevention measures in school
  • Changes to COVID-19 contact tracing and case management
  • Answers to parents’ frequently asked questions.

Key Reminders

  • Complete the COVID-19 screening tool for students every day before going to school and follow the directions.
  • Stay home if sick. Refer to this When Symptoms Develop protocol for what to do if you have symptoms, have tested positive, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Get your child vaccinated against COVID-19! Children ages 5-11 years old as well as those 12 – 18 are eligible for the vaccine. Click here for a list of available COVID-19 vaccination clinics in your area.
  • Students must follow school masking rules while in class and if they take a bus. Ensure students wear well-fitting 3-ply masks that have no gapping and cover the nose, mouth and chin. Students should bring extra masks each day, as masks need to be changed if soiled or wet.
  • Schools have a limited supply of PCR take-home kits. These will be distributed to students with COVID-19 symptoms. Once completed, the tests can be dropped off at some assessment centres and pharmacies. Call to confirm before dropping off. Once this supply runs out, it will not be replaced.
  • Every elementary and secondary school students will be provided two COVID-19 rapid antigen tests. These are to be used if the child develops symptoms. Please refer to the Back to School protocol for more information. Parents do not need to report these test results to their child’s school.
  • Given the widespread presence of Omicron, schools may not notify families about a positive COVID-19 case in the classroom. Provincial direction is that parents will be notified if school absenteeism reaches 30%.
  • School boards can rotate between in-person and remote days or combine classes, if needed, to minimize closures driven by virus-related staff absences.

Watch for additional direction from your school board about the return to in-person learning.

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