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Annual Report 2017 - Promotion

The Big Picture

 Photo of Health Unit prenatal class

It’s a Wrap: Using a doll, Public Health Nurse Tammy Thomson demonstrates to expectant parents the proper way to diaper a baby. Helping families prepare for the birth of their babies is the focus of Prenatal Classes like this one, which the local Health Unit offers throughout the year.

By the Numbers: Promotion Statistics for 2017

• Number of clients helped by Health Unit breastfeeding support clinics in 2017 = 124

• Number of people who were certified as safe food handlers  through Health Unit courses in 2017 = 559

• Number of new moms contacted by Health Unit nurses to offer support after the birth of their babies in 2017 = 608

In Form:

Video - It's Time for a Tick Talk

With Lyme disease spreading to more parts of Ontario, and the number of local cases of Lyme disease doubling to 14 in 2017, this video was produced by the Health Unit to highlight the importance of avoiding blacklegged ticks that may spread illness.


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