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Annual Report 2017 - Protection

The Big Picture

 Local medical officer of health Dr. Lynn Noseworthy is pictured getting her flu shot.

A Call to Arms: Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lynn Noseworthy (left) receives her annual flu vaccine from Health Unit nurse Nicole Landry. The Health Unit regularly encourages people to get their annual flu shot as protection against influenza.

By the Numbers: Protection Statistics for 2017

• Number of beach water samples collected/sent for testing in 2017 = 2,475

• Number of children who received fluoride varnish treatments in local schools, day cares and Health Unit clinics during the 2016/2017 school year = 1,822

• Number of vaccinations provided to people without a family doctor = 7,823

• Number of outbreaks of illness at long-term care and retirement homes investigated by the Health Unit in 2017 = 68

• Number of suspected rabies exposure cases investigated by the Health Unit in 2017 = 388

• Number of charges laid against vendors for selling tobacco products to underage buyers = 30

In Form

Video - Tobacco Control Efforts at Local Schools

Breathe a little easier by seeing how the Health Unit works with local educators to ensure schools are tobacco-free and students are protected from deadly second-hand smoke.


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