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Healthy Relationships

What makes a relationship healthy?

A healthy relationship makes you feel good about yourself.  You both are able to talk freely and share with each other without being judged, criticized, or dismissed.  You feel respected.  You trust your partner, like spending time with him/her, you feel loved and do not fear him/her.  You have support from your partner to be yourself.  You can spend time with your friends and family.  A healthy relationship with your partner should make your family feel safe, secure and happy.

What is family violence?

Family violence is abuse that takes place between individuals in intimate, kin or dependent relationships.  This includes family members, partners and caregivers (source Health Canada 2001).  Thousands of people are victims of family violence in Canada, every day.  Victims can experience abuse in a variety of ways.  The abuse can be actual or threatened.  It can be physical, sexual, financial, verbal and isolation.  All types of abuse are harmful to a person.  Remember abuse of any type will only get worse with time.

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