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Injury Prevention


Injuries are predictable and preventable!

Injuries are also the leading cause of death for Canadians ages 44 years and younger.

Reduce the risk of injury for you and your family! Put safety first whether you are playing sports, getting active, driving a vehicle or doing things around the house or at work. To learn more about preventing injuries, click on the resources below or contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577.


Concussions (HKPR District Health Unit)

Falls Prevention (HKPR District Health Unit)

Road Safety

Distracted Driving FAQ (Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

Distracted Driving (Ontario Provincial Police)

Distracted Driving Rant (Rick Mercer)

Share the Road (HKPR District Health Unit)

Winter Driving (Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

Sports and Recreation Safety

ATV Safety (Parachute Canada)

Helmet FAQ (Parachute Canada)

Parachute Canada - A national organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.

Safe Snowmobiling (Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

Sports and Active Living (Canadian Safety Council)

Suicide Prevention (Living Works)

Workplace Health (HKPR District Health Unit)