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Nutrition - Eat Well at Work


Healthy eating at work pays off in many ways!

Did you know that each dollar spent on 'workplace health' can have a six-fold return on medical and absenteeism costs? Healthy eating in the workplace can help contribute to this by:

• Helping companies cut costs on employee health insurance plans

• Decrease disability days

• Reduce lost productivity due to health issues

Nutritious eating at work can help to boost concentration and productivity. It means people are healthier and more likely to be at work and performing well. That's good for business!

Make good nutrition a priority for your workplace!

For Employers

Create an environment that supports healthy eating at work. Here's how:

•  Make a commitment to change your workplace nutrition environment. Get staff input and ideas on how to make it happen. Use the following fact sheets to help you get started:

• Improve the quality of food offered and sold in your workplace.

• Provide healthier food and drink choices during workplace meetings and special events.

• Provide a safe and pleasant eating area with small kitchen appliances where staff members can prepare and enjoy food.

• Encourage employees to make time for nutrition by taking regular lunch breaks.

• Provide credible nutrition information to support employees and their families (see Additional Resources below)

For Employees

Here are some tips on how to eat well throughout the day:

•  Make time for breakfast to fuel your body and brain - Dietitians of Canada Fact Sheet #1

• Get the most of meetings at work by ordering 'brain food', not 'drain food' - Dietitians of Canada Fact Sheet #2

• Pack nutritional punch into your work lunch - Dietitians of Canada Fact Sheet #3

• Beat the mid-afternoon slump without the need for a java jolt - Dietitians of Canada Fact Sheet #4

• Handle hunger cravings in a healthy way during the commute home - Dietitians of Canada Fact Sheet #5

Additional Resources

HKPR District Health Unit - Healthy Eating Fact Sheets

Dietitians of Canada - Your Health!

eaTracker - Check your food and activity choices, analyze your recipes and plan your meals

Cookspiration - Be inspired to cook any or night with this phone app created by Dietitians of Canada

Unlock Food - Connect with a Registered Dietitian to get nutrition advice and healthy eating information