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Wearing Dentures

It's true that people who wear dentures can't get cavities or gum disease, but other problems can occur if proper care is not given to dentures.

These tips will help you to maintain a healthy smile.

Keep in Touch with Your Dentist

Your mouth changes constantly, so from time to time, your dentures may need adjusting to maintain a good, comfortable fit. While checking the fit, the dentist will also examine all the tissues in your mouth to make sure things are in good shape.

Remove Dentures At Night

Although some people don't like to take their teeth out at night, it is recommended that they be removed. This takes pressure off your gums and gives them a chance to rest from the constant rubbing of wearing the dentures. When dentures are removed, they should be soaked in lukewarm water to keep them moist and to prevent them from drying out and warping. Using extremely cold or hot water when caring for your dentures can cause them to warp.

Massage the Gums Underneath

Your gums need daily exercise too! A good way to keep the tissues in your mouth healthy is to gently brush all areas (cheeks, tongue, roof of mouth, etc.) once a day with a soft toothbrush. If a toothbrush is too uncomfortable, try using moistened gauze.