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Ways To Be Active At Home

Home is where the heart is. It’s also a great place for you and your child to be active together.

From the list below, find the activities you could take part in:

  • Make a joint project with your child out of cleaning the playroom or folding the laundry.

  • Put some music on and dance around the house with your child.

  • Walk with your child to the corner store or to the mailbox.

  • Go for a walk after dinner. Take a fruit for dessert on the go. Make it a family ritual. Set a goal to walk the same distance it would take to walk across Canada. Record how far you walk on a map on the fridge.

  • Clear the snow from the front walk or driveway. Use it to make a fort.

  • Let your child help you rake leaves in the fall. Pile them up and jump in when you’re done.

  • Help your child plant a garden in your yard or on the balcony, and teach him or her to look after it.

  • Set “house rules” for television viewing and playing video and computer games. One or two hours each day is a reasonable limit.

  • Use soft indoor balls and play equipment to allow your child to create games inside. Indoor activities are a great way to keep active on cold or rainy days.

  • Visit the local ice rink and skate with your child.

  • Play tag, hide and seek or hopscotch. Try skipping rope.

Include time for at least one of these activities each day!