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Share the Road

'Same road, same rules, same rights.'

That in a nutshell describes the Share the Road safety campaign. On area roadways, you may see Share the Road signs installed at the side of the road. These signs are designed to remind drivers and cyclists that they need to share space and respect each other's place on the road. Bicycles are vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, and have a right to be on the road!

Share the Road - Tips for Motorists

  • Only pass when the road is clear
  • Slow down and give one metre clearance when passing
  • Yield to bicyclists when turning
  • Don't honk your horn at a cyclist
  • Check for cyclists before opening your car door

Share the Road - Tips for Cyclists

  • Obey ALL traffic laws, signs and signals
  • Always bike on the right with traffic
  • Signal all turns
  • Be visible: Wear bright colours and use lights in low-light conditions
  • Ride straight in a predictable manner


Share the Road Brochure

Share the Road Poster

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