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Did You Know?

Be informed when you vote in the Ontario election on June 7.

Consider these facts, then ask your local candidates what they and their party would do to fix these problems.

  • Due to inflation, the money a single person gets on Ontario Works each month is actually less than what it was 20 years ago. Current welfare and disability programs do not reflect the true cost of living.

  • The lack of licensed, affordable child care in Ontario limits people’s ability to find and hold down jobs.

  • A ‘living wage’ is one that allows people to pay for basic needs. In this area, it’s estimated a living wage is $17.65 an hour. The current adult minimum wage is $14 per hour.

  • One in eight households in Ontario struggle to put food on the table because they do not have enough money. Most of these people are in low-paying jobs.

  • Food insecurity means you are unable to pay for enough nutritious food to support good health. Families who are food insecure are more likely to have health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and mental health problems.

  • In Northumberland County, at least 2,500 families are in need of housing or at risk of becoming homeless.

  • In Haliburton County and the City of Kawartha Lakes, more than 1,400 households are on a waiting list for affordable housing. They currently face a three- to five-year wait to get into the housing they need today.

  • In Ontario, one in five people do not visit a dentist due to cost. As a result, every nine minutes someone in Ontario visits a hospital emergency room in order to get help for severe dental pain or problems.