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Income Scenarios - 2017 Nutritious Food Basket (NFB)

woman paying for groceries

Consider these real-life scenarios of how some residents with limited incomes in Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes struggle each month to afford healthy eating and make ends meet. All costings are based on the 2017 Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) conducted by the HKPR District Health Unit.


Monthly Income/Expense Scenarios for Local Residents


 Family of Four (two adults, two children),  with one Full-Time Minimum Wage Earner

 Single Person on Ontario Works

Single Person on Ontario Disability Support Program

Total Monthly Income




Less Average Market Rent

(no heat/hydro)


(3 bedroom)


(1 bedroom)


(1 bedroom)

 Less Food Costs

(Nutritious Food Basket)




Total Selected Expenses




Money Left to Cover Other Monthly Expenses (E.g. transportation, heat, hydro, phone, clothing, medical expenses, school supplies, etc.)



 -$ (349)


 % of Monthly Income

Spent on Rent




 % of Income

Spent on Healthy Food





**Total Monthly Income includes Canada Child Tax Benefit and other smaller credits/benefits.


In many cases, there is not enough money left over at the end of the month to pay for other basic needs such as transportation, heat, phone, clothes and medical expenses:

grocery basket• Households with children need to spend 30% or more of their monthly income to buy healthy food.

• Often people will sacrifice their food dollars in order to pay for other expenses.

 car crash•  If there are any unexpected expenses such as car repairs, a low-income family could not afford to pay for it.

How do we fix it?

• Support income solutions such as the Basic Income Guarantee, increases to minimum wage and better employment standards.

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