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Calling it Quits

You can succeed at becoming smoke-free. It is never too late to quit. Becoming smoke-free takes commitment and hard work, but you are worth it!

Quit Tips

  • drink water or juice. This helps to flush nicotine and other chemicals our of your body faster.

  • delay lighting that first cigarette. When the urge to smoke hits, delay having a cigarette for five minutes. You are in control when you say "no."

  • deep breathing helps you to relax.

  • do something to take your mind off smoking. Take a walk, talk to a friend, chew some sugarless gum, or brush your teeth.

  • identify what makes you want to smoke.

  • change your habits to make smoking difficult, impossible or unpleasant.

  • make your house and car smoke-free.

  • eat smart - avoid weight gain by eating healthy foods.

  • end meals or snacks with something which won’t lead to a cigarette.

  • get active and see how much better your body feels smoke-free.

  • build your self-confidence - think positively.

  • take time each day just for you - do something special to celebrate your accomplishment.