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Let's Rethink Health

Health grows where we live, work and play. It’s also in your hands…

Let’s ‘rethink health.’ After all, health is about more than health care. Many of the decisions made by our municipal government, as well as the services they provide, affect the health of local residents.

For example, municipal governments that: develop a poverty reduction strategy, provide affordable housing, and encourage fair living wages can help create a healthier community for their residents. This creates a place where more people can contribute in time, talents and taxes to their community. It can also result in reduced costs for such things as health care, social supports and policing.

What You Can Do

As a local resident:

• Support community leaders who will work to decrease barriers and improve equal access to good health for everyone

• Choose community leaders who support a local poverty reduction strategy and strengthen income security.

As a community leader:

• Support a local poverty reduction strategy

• Support housing options for all ages, incomes and abilities

• Support a food-secure community with convenient access to safe, affordable, healthy and personally-acceptable food

• Support the construction of roads, sidewalks and cycling lanes that provide safe active transportation

• Support recreation providers in finding ways to make their activities low or no cost

• Take 'health equity' into account for any decisions you make (Health equity means ensuring everyone has the opportunity to reach their full health potential by overcoming forces and factors that can negatively affect their well-being)


'Rethink Health' Brochure

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