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Why Health Matters in the 2018 Municipal Election

ballot boxHealth matters here, so let's make health matter in this fall's municipal election.

A municipality's programs, services, facilities, policies and planning decisions can build and shape a community that is healthy, active and thriving. Municipal leaders can use this power to help support the health of ALL people, no matter their age, ability or income.

As a voter in this fall's municipal election:

• Learn how municipal decisions can affect community health.

• Let candidates know that living in a healthy, active community is important to you.

• Ask candidates how they will create a healthier community for everyone.

• Vote for candidates who will keep 'health' in mind for every decision they make.

To learn more, call the Health Unit at 1-866-888-4577, ext. 1497.

How We Build a Healthy Community

link to 'How to Build a Healthy Community' fact sheet

The Basics

• Municipalities can use plans, policies and programs (building more affordable housing, creating more jobs and hiring people locally more often) to help people meet their basic needs

Community Design

• Accessible buildings and infrastructure support healthy living and a vibrant economy. Municipalities can plan for roads/subdivisions that support walking and cycling, as well as offer services (like transit and rec centres) available to everyone.


• Safe and healthy food is a basic human right. Municipalities can boost access to food by supporting community gardens, farmers' markets, land zoning bylaws, community kitchens, and 'buy local' campaigns.

New Challenges

• Municipalities can take the threat of climate change seriously and plan ahead for problems. Local governments can also support solutions for addictions/overdoses, as well as use planning rules to limit youth access to cannabis.

Additional Resources

'Rethink Health' Brochure

'Rethink Health' Video – Short video looks at factors in the community that affect people’s health.

Payoff for Healthier Communities Video – Short video details how communities can benefit when tackling poverty.