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Birth Control

How effective are the birth control methods?

  • Some methods work better than others in preventing an unplanned pregnancy

  • Effectiveness of a birth control method often depends on how well the directions for use are being followed. For example, taking the birth control pill at the same time every day or leaving the NuvaRing in for only the recommended amount of time.

Compare birth control methods

How can I choose a birth control method?

  • There are a variety of birth control methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a birth control method

Where can I get birth control?

  • Condoms, the sponge, and spermicides can be purchased from pharmacies and are generally inexpensive

  • Hormonal methods (pill, patch, ring, needle) need to be ordered by a doctor or obtained through the Health Unit's Sexual Health Clinics

  • To be fitted for a diaphragm, have an IUS/IUD inserted or to book sterilization surgery, please see your family doctor.

  • If natural family planning or breastfeeding is considered as a method of birth control, it is necessary to seek further information from a reliable source.

Birth Control Methods

Hormonal Methods

Barrier Methods

Other Methods (Not Ideal for Teens)