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Anal Sex

Often called "bum sex," anal sex is the practice of inserting an object (penis, finger, hand or sex toy) into the anus ("bum").

  • considered high-risk for spreading STIs including HIV

  • tissue surrounding the rectum is very delicate and can tear easily, providing a direct entrance for bacteria and viruses

To make anal sex "safer," it is very important to:

  • always use a condom (latex or polyurethane)

  • use plenty of water-based lubrication (to reduce the risk of tearing or condom breakage)

  • go slow - to lessen the risk of tearing and condom breakage

  • always wash penis, toys and/or hands after anal sex and before re-entering the mouth or vagina

  • use a latex barrier such as a dental dam is stimulating the anal area with mouth or tongue

  • never share sex toys and be sure to properly clean and disinfect toys after each use

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