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Viral STIs

  • These include HIV/AIDSgenital herpesgenital wartsHepatitis BHPV

  • Viral STIs are not curable, however certain treatments can help to decrease symptoms or reduce the number of outbreaks for infected people

  • Genital herpes and warts - those infected may have recurring outbreaks (sores, lumps and blisters that come and go). Some people may not notice the symptoms and unknowingly pass the virus on to partners.

  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. It can take 10 or more years to develop into AIDS. HIV attacks the immune system, putting infected people at a high risk of developing other infection. People with HIV may have vague symptoms and may not know they are infected.

  • Hepatitis B attacks and damages the liver. It can lead to cancer of the liver. People may have symptoms for many years. They may not know they are infected and pass it to others.

  • HPV is the virus that causes genital warts. It can also cause cervical cancer in women. A new vaccine is available to help protect young women from the types of HPV most likely to cause cervical cancer.