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Therapeutic abortion is legal, free and accessible in Ontario at certain private clinics and hospitals.

At the private clinics, the procedure is usually done under a local anaesthetic (client is awake, but cannot feel the procedure).

At the hospital clinics, the procedure, counselling and support are provided to clients, usually over two to three appointments. An additional fee may be required for administrative costs. A general anaesthetic is used (client is asleep during the procedure). 

Regardless of where the procedure is done, clients may need specific after-care and a follow-up appointment with a doctor, usually two weeks after a therapeutic abortion.

Clients should also book an appointment with their family doctor or at the Sexual Health Clinic to review future birth control options.

Abortion Clinics

Morgentaler Clinic - Toronto 1-800-556-6835

Choice in Health Clinic - 1-866-565-9300

Scott Clinic - Toronto 1-416-962-5771

Women's Care Clinic - Toronto 1-416-256-4139

Women's Health Centre - Peterborough 1-800-419-3111

Some larger area hospitals provide abortion services. Please contact the hospitals for more information.