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Spirits of the Season


The holidays are here! Many get-togethers and holiday parties with co-workers, family and friends will on the agenda at this time of year. You may even be raising a glass in celebration.

If you plan to host or be a guest at these celebrations, plan ahead. If you are drinking alcohol, plan how you'll get home -- have a designated driver or take a cab. Drink smart and use sound judgment to ensure the holidays are happy... and safe for everyone!


Canada's Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse) - Advice for safer levels of drinking, including the maximum amount of alcohol Canadians should consume on a daily or weekly basis.

Having a Party? What You Need to Know (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) - Tips to reduce your potential legal liability if someone is hurt during or after your party.

Making the Most of Mocktails (Alcohol-Free Drinks)

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