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Work Stress: Why It Matters to You!


Stress is a fact of life. But too much stress, especially at work, is bad for business and the health of your organization.

Find solutions together to reduce the risk of work stress. It benefits both employers and employees!

Below is information to help you learn more about work stress and psychological health and safety in the workplace:

Free resources to help your workplace:

Working Through It - Stories of reclaiming well-being at work, off work and returning to work. A great video-based tool about the changes that employees with mental illness face in their own words.

Guarding Minds @Work - A workplace guide to psychological health and safety. Free assessment and planning tools to get your workplace on the path to psychological health and safety.

Managing Mental Health Matters - This 'first of its kind' program focuses on helping managers, supervisors and other leaders learn how to effectively recognize and manage mental health-related issues in the workplace.

On the Agenda - A series of presentation slides and supporting materials which assist trainers, leaders, managers or others facilitate discussion related to a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. The presentation series was developed around psychosocial factors identified through Guarding Minds @Work.

Check Up From the Neck Up - This simple online, private mental health checkup can identify some symptoms of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder so you can get help if you need it.

Mindful Employer of Canada - This is a not-for-profit social enterprise launched by Mary Ann Baynton in appreciation for the employers, union reps and managers across Canada who strive to support employees with mental health concerns. It provides a way to show their commitment to supporting employee and workplace mental health. (Mindful Employer is not always 'doing it right'. It signifies an awareness of the impact we have on the mental health of others in the workplace and an intention to support a mentally healthy workplace).

CSA-Z1003: A Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace - Free, voluntary standards that provide guidelines for employers on how to prevent mental health injury and promote psychological health in the workplace, including work stress. Download a free copy here. A brief registration is required.

Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers - A free action guide that can be used with the CSA-Z1003 Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Video: National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in Canadian Workplaces - The Mental Health Commission of Canada has put together this animated video to help viewers learn more about the national standard for psychological health and safety in Canadian workplaces.

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