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Daycare Resources

The Health Unit offers a variety of resources and information for daycare operators.


Health Unit Daycare Profile


To order or to borrow a resource, contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577.

Pamphlet - Protect Yourself, Protect Your Loved Ones - Get Immunized (HKPR)

Pamphlet - Good Health, It's in Your Hands (HKPR)

DVD - Why Don't We Do it in Our Sleeves - teaching the proper way to sneeze

DVD - Hand Hygiene - teaches proper hand washing method and can be used with Glo Germ

Tool - Glo Germ - a hands on tool to demonstrate proper hand washing for all ages

Fact Sheet - Kids and Animals Make a Great Team (HKPR) - this fact sheet provides detailed information on how to keep children healthy when they are around animals and pets.

Handwashing Resources

How to Handwash Poster - Public Health Ontario

Hand Sanitizer Poster - Public Health Ontario

• Good Health: It's In Your Hands - HKPR District Health Unit Pamphlet

Handwashing Video - HKPR District Health Unit