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Breastfeeding Positions

mom breastfeeding baby with hairSuccessful breastfeeding starts with finding a comfortable position that makes it easy for mother and baby to breastfeed. Moms should be sure their back is supported and that baby's ear, shoulder, and hip are in a straight line with their head tilted slightly back.

Laid-Back Breastfeeding or Baby-Led Latching

This is an easy way for baby to find the breast and is helpful if baby is learning to breastfeed or is not feeding well.

  • sit comfortably, leaning back a little

  • mom should hold baby tummy-to-tummy (skin-to-skin) on their upper chest between breasts

  • baby will start to bob head up and down and turn looking for breast

  • mom should use their arm and hand to support baby's shoulders, neck and bottom as they move towards breast

  • baby will find the nipple, push their chin into the breast, then reach with open mouth and latch onto mom's breast

  • once latched, mom should find a comfortable position for both herself and baby

To learn more about breastfeeding positions, contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 and speak with a Family Health Nurse.

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