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mom, dad and babyInfant Formula

It is rare that a baby under six months of age needs any food or drink other than breastmilk.

Substitutes affect breastfeeding by decreasing the amount of milk produced by the mother's breasts. This increases the risk of sore nipples and baby rejecting the breast. Substitutes should only be given if there is a medical need (eg. medical condition, separation from mother, premature etc.) and mothers should discuss which substitute would be most appropriate to provide to baby: expressed breast milk, donor breastmilk from a milk bank, or formula.

Formula Recalls

Sometimes formula is recalled by the manufacturer and those recalls are announced by Health Canada. Parents can search for recall notices using the search term infant formula. To be aware of recalls, consider signing up for Health Canada's health and safety updates.

If you have made an informed decision to use infant formula, talk to your health care provider or call one of our Family Health nurses for information and support on safely storing, preparing and feeding your baby.

Infant Formula Options

Preparation of Formula

Safe Water Options

Feeding Your Baby