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Feeding Your Baby

Using a bottle is not the only option when feeding your baby infant formula. There are a number of other ways to feed your baby, including using a cup, spoon, syringe or tube.

Feeding time is a special time to get to know your baby and enjoy the closeness between you and your baby. When feeding your baby, it is encouraged to feed them skin-to-skin and to be sure to always hold your baby when feeding them to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Trust that your baby knows how much to drink and follow their feeding cues. When your baby starts to show signs of being full, stop feeding. Avoid pressuring your baby to finish the bottle.

With bottle feeding, you can slow the pace of the feed to imitate breastfeeding. Keep the bottle horizontal so that the nipple is halfway full to slow the flow and prevent overfeeding.

Do not prop the bottle up during feeds and do not put baby to bed with infant formula.

Remove the bottle if your baby shows dangerous signs, such as:

  • swallowing quickly without take a breath after each swallow

  • milk spilling from the mouth

  • opening eyes widely

  • stiffening of limbs

  • flaring nostrils

  • lips turning blue

To learn more about safe and effective ways to feed your baby, call the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 and speak with a Family Health nurse.