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Breastfeeding and Healthy Eating

It is important to eat well after having a baby. A healthy diet following Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide will help you recover from the pregnancy, labour and birth, and give you the nutrition and energy you need to care for your baby. You do not need to follow a specific diet or eat a certain number of calories.

Follow these tips for healthy eating:

  • enjoy foods from a variety of food groups

  • eat regular meals, and enjoy healthy snacks in between meals

  • drink to thirst, having a glass of water handy when you breastfeed

  • don't avoid meals or diet while breastfeeding

  • when possible, eat fresh foods, free from contaminants and additives

  • do not avoid or limit foods while you are breastfeeding. Very few babies react to food items eaten by mothers.

  • limit drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, soft drinks). Caffeine does pass into mother's milk and when there is a lot of caffeine in breast milk, some babies will become fussy and have trouble sleeping.

To learn more about healthy eating and breastfeeding, contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 and speak with a Family Health Nurse.