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Helmet Safety

Wearing a helmet lowers the risk of serious injury by approximately 85 per cent.

Children are at a higher risk for injury as they are less skilled than adults when cycling. Every parent can reduce the risk of personal injury to their child by starting the "helmet habit."

Parents need to know that...

  • the human skull, made of bone, is only 5 millimetres thick (about the width of a pencil). Use of an approved bicycle helmet can reduce serious head injury by up to 85 per cent.

  • an approved bicycle helmet carries a sticker or label from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or Snell Memorial Foundation (SNELL).

  • the proper fit of a bike helmet is very important.

  • a brightly coloured helmet will increase visibility.

  • stickers or decals should not be used on a helmet as they may cause the helmet materials to break down (decompose).

  • if the helmet receives an impact of any kind, it should be replaced even if there is no visible damage.

  • helmets need to be replaced every four to five years due to wear or deterioration of helmet materials.

Encourage the "helmet habit"...

  • start with the child’s first ride and insist that they wear it on every bike ride.

  • involve your child in the purchase of his/her helmet so they will wear it.

  • make sure the helmet is properly sized an adjusted to fit the head.

  • praise your child for wearing a bike helmet without being reminded.

  • be a good role model... wear your own helmet.

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