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Keeping Kids Healthy

Animals that appear healthy may still carry germs that can make children sick. When children and animals do get together, there are things that parents, guardians, teachers and daycare workers can do to make it a safe relationship:

  • choose a pet that can be provided with a safe home, be well cared for, and is suitable for children's age and health status

  • provide supervision

  • ask about pet policies at your child's daycare and ensure there is a pet/animal policy that daycare workers follow

  • ask the owners of visiting animals to provide proof of the animal's health

  • keep animal habitats away from areas where food is kept and prepared and where children eat. Avoid using the same sink for pet care and people care.

  • avoid keeping animal habitats in the bedrooms of children under the age of five years

  • keep outdoor sandboxes covered when not in use

  • keep ill animals away from children

To learn more, contact the Health Unit and speak to a nurse.