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Nutrition - 12 to 18 Months

  • At this age your child's growth may start to slow down. You may find that your child is eating less than he did before.  He should be eating three meals plus several snacks a day.

  • Toddler's appetites change from day to day and meal to meal. Serve small portions. You can always offer seconds if your child is still hungry.

  • Toddlers may not like a new food at first, but they may like it another day, so offer it again. They will show more interest in trying new foods when they see others around them eating these foods.


  • Continued breastfeeding, with the addition of appropriate complimentary foods, up to two years of age and beyond, is recommended by Health Canada.

  • Breast milk supports ongoing growth and development of your baby's brain, gut and other organs.

  • Breastfeeding continues to reduce childhood illness and infection, as babies are commonly exposed to other children, including at daycares.

  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes.