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Benefits of Active Living

  • Happy children. Play and physical activity make children happy because they want to be active.

  • Healthy bodies. Daily physical activity builds a healthy heart, encourages muscle growth and helps develop strong bones.

  • Rest and more nutritious eating. Active children sleep better and have more “positive” energy when they are awake. They often have better eating habits than children who are less active.

  • Positive self-esteem. Active living helps children feel good about themselves. It reduces anxiety and depression and makes children more able to deal with stress.

  • Better grades. Students who are physically active regularly do better at school. Active living gives them better concentration, memory, creativity and problem-solving skills/abilities.

  • Drug-free lives. Active living shows children how to have fun without turning to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

  • Social time. Active living provides opportunities for children to socialize, practise self- discipline and make friendships.

  • Parent-child bonding. When you participate with your child, active living can improve your health and the bond you share.