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Playing With Your Child

Playing games and interacting with your child helps them develop strong language and communication skills. Even young babies benefit from dad playing with little boy and play phoneplay time with parents!

Get Your Child's Attention:

  • Get involved with your child.

  • Get down to their physical level.

  • Sit face-to-face and make eye contact.

Encourage Your Child's Efforts:

  • Don't interrupt to correct words - when your child is finished speaking, simply repeat in the correct form.

  • Give your child time to respond.

  • Praise and reward all attempts and successes.

Make It Fun!                   

  • Play games such as:

    • Counting games

    • Hand and finger games (pat-a-cake, itsy-bitsy-spider)

  • Sing songs and nursery rhymes

  • Play dress-up

  • Make crafts            

  • Do puzzles

  • Read books