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Reading to Your Childmom reading book to baby

While reading to your child is an important step in helping your child develop strong speech and language skills, it also provides a chance to spend important time together. Try to read to your child every day.

Choosing a book:

  • pictures should be clear with not too many objects on a page

  • books should have a picture story that makes sense without the printed words

  • the story should be appropriate for the child's age

  • include books that teach new speech sounds (farm animals, things to wear, parts of the body) or morals (how to share etc.)

  • books should help add new words to the child's vocabulary

How to read a book with your child:

  • let your child choose the books and pages to read

  • sit together for as long as the child is interested

  • let them hold the book and turn the pages

  • point to the pictures as you talk about them

  • let your child describe the pictures and tell the story to you

  • you tell the story, but leave out words or parts of sentences for the child to fill in

  • show delight and enthusiasm as you read the books