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Together, Let’s Clear the Air!

Smoke-Free Apartments, Condos and Townhouses

Change is in the air. Smoke-free apartments, condos and townhouses are the healthy way to go – for both landlords and tenants!

Demand is growing for smoke-free rental units. It’s possible…and it’s happening! See what you can do to clear the air in your home or building:

For Tenants

Wish you weren’t exposed to smoke from neighbouring rental units? Protect the health of you and your family. Take action now:

Brochure: What Tenants Need to Know

Smoke-Free Ontario Housing – Information for Tenants

For Landlords

Creating a smoke-free environment in your building is good in many ways. See what you can do:

Brochure: What Landlords Need to Know

Smoke-Free Ontario Housing – Information for Landlords

Video: Benefits of Smoke-Free Housing

Local Success Stories:

Haliburton Community Housing Corporation

Fenelon Area Independent Living Association



 For more help, contact the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit:

Ph: 1-866-888-4577



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