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Spring Water

As water from natural springs is usually cold and clear, springs are often thought to be safe sources of water.

However, cold, clear water does not guarantee it is free from harmful bacteria. Spring water may have come a great distance from its outlet, and may have passed through a pond, or other source of contamination during its journey. The area around the outlet of the spring may also have been contaminated by humans or animals. Based on these unknown factors, untreated spring water cannot be considered as safe for drinking and should be treated the same way as other untreated sources of water, such as lakes or streams.

Satisfactory bacteriological results from occasional tests done on spring water does not mean that the water is safe for drinking. The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit does not recommend using water from natural springs unless it has first been boiled at a full rolling boil for a minimum of one minute.

For more information about natural spring water, call the Health Unit's Environmental Health department and speak to a Public Health Inspector.