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How Do I test My Well?

Testing your well water is quick, easy and free-of-charge and is the best way to ensure your well water is safe to drink. Spring is an especially good time to get your well water tested!

Testing Procedure:

  • Obtain a 200 millimetre sample bottle from your local Health Unit office, a designated site or directly from the Public Health Lab. Remove aerators and other attachments from your tap. Let water run for two to three minutes before sampling.

  • Do not touch the bottle lip or the inside of the cap, and do not rinse out the bottle.

  • Fill bottle to "fill line" directly from the tap without changing flow of water. Replace cap tightly.  Fill out the form attached to the water bottle.

If you have questions about testing your well water, contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 to speak to a Public Health Inspector. You can also click on the menu at right for more information about well water testing.

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