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How do I prevent the bite of infected mosquitoes that can spread illness?

Cover Up:

  • Cover up when outside - this is especially important between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active).

  • Use federally-registered personal insect repellents on exposed skin, such as products containing DEET. 

  • When the weather permits, wear protective clothing outside such as long-sleeved shirts, jackets, long pants, hats and socks - choose light-coloured clothing because mosquitoes tend to be attracted to darker colours.

Clean Up:

Remove potential mosquito breeding areas around your property:

  • Get rid of standing water that mosquitoes need to lay their eggs. (Hint: Water collects in all sorts of places, including pool covers, flower pots, wheelbarrows, recycling boxes, garbage cans, old tires and wading pools).

  • Fill in low depressions in your lawn.

  • Cover rain barrels with a fine screen mesh. Change water in bird baths at least once a week.

  • Clean out dense bush and shrubbery where mosquitoes can rest.

  • Turn over your compost pile on a regular basis.

  • Organize a community cleanup to reduce mosquito breeding areas in your neighbourhood.

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