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Positive Steps Work

Positive Steps Work fall prevention course

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The Positive Steps Work e-learning course is provided with
permission from the Durham Region Health Department.

Positive Steps Work is a free online, interactive fall prevention course designed for care providers working with seniors in their homes.

This course helps learners to understand how a fall affects seniors, their family and the healthcare system. It examines the risks that can lead to a fall, and caregiver, family and seniors’ roles in preventing them. It provides careful inspection of seniors’ point of view and the importance of fall prevention.  Finally, it serves to raise awareness of community resources to help prevent falls.

What makes this e-learning unique?

The course is interactive; with many ways for the learner to engage with the information such as interactive activities, test yourself options, plus more!

The course is made for busy schedules:  You can create your own unique login.  This allows you to start and stop the course when you want, and then return later to where you have left off.   This way you can complete the course at your own pace and when you feel ready to do it.

This course is uniquely engineered so you can access from anywhere, anytime; whether you are on a tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone. Its’ specialized design makes it user friendly on whatever type of device you are using.

This course has also been embedded with accessibility features to make it available to everyone. People with disabilities, using text-only browsers or other assistive technology will be able to read the content, including text descriptions for all images.

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