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Environmental Health

Public Health Inspectors work to protect members of the community from unhealthy environments by:

• Responding to a variety of environmental health hazards that could compromise the safety of the public.

• Inspecting restaurants, long-term care centres, institutions, grocery stores, and other food establishments to ensure safe food handling practices are followed and the food is prepared safely.

• Testing the water of local beaches.

• Inspecting child day care centres and summer recreational camps.

• Inspecting Personal Services Settings such as salons, tattoo and body modification businesses.

• Answering questions about water test results for people on private wells.

• Investigating animal bites to ensure people and pets are protected against rabies.

• Investigating foodborne illness concerns and complaints.

For more information, call the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 or contact one of the Health Unit staff listed below:

Anne Marie Holt, Director, Environmental Health

Richard Ovcharovich, Manager, Environmental Health

Debbie Johnston, Manager, Environmental Health