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Physical Activity

Being physically active plays an important role in staying healthy.

Whether you play an organized sport, like to walk or enjoy swimming in the pool, physical activity can help improve your health - both physically and mentally.

The newly revised guidelines for youth (12-17 years old) recommends 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity per day. The best available evidence shows a clear relationship between the volume of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity and increased health benefits. Current evidence shows that substantial health benefits can be achieved with physical activity in excess of 60 minutes per day.

To learn more about the benefits of physical activity or how to become more physically active, contact the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577.

Additional Resources:

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HANDS UP Part 3: Applying Physical & Health Literacy - Final video in a series developed by the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association. Ideal for youth ages 12 to 18 years, the video provides them opportunities to apply the concepts of physical and health literacy in their own world.

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