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Newspaper Columns

Health Unit staff contribute informative columns on a variety of topics to local newspapers.The following are some of the more recent newspaper columns provided.

Fight the Bite: Good Advice Now - and for the Future - August 2017

The Right Prescription For Tackling Opioid Overdoses - July 2017

Basic Income: An Idea That Can Pay Off - May 2017

Be Mine, Valentine...and Remember the Condom - February 2017

A Call to Arms: Time to Get Vaccinated! - November 2016

No Ifs, Ands or Butts...Put Discarded Cigarettes in Their Place - October 2016

Blowing Smoke? What to Make of E-Cigarettes - July 2016

Food Safety: An Essential Ingredient for Everyone - June 2016

New Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Long Overdue - September 2015

Time for a Tick Talk on Lyme Disease - August 2015

Lack of Pharmacare Program is Prescription for Disaster - June 2015

A Tip Before Taking a Dip - August 2014

Celebrating Nurses: Your Health is Our Business - May 2014

Workplace Mental Health Should be Part of Any Business - March 2014

Ordinary 'Joe' Shares His Story to Urge Improved Access to Oral Care - February 2014

A Christmas Wish List to Put Poverty Under Wraps - December 2013

A Call to Arms: This Year, It's Even Easier to Get Your Flu Shot - October 2013

Owning a Pet Means Protecting Them From Rabies - September 2013

Healthy Fast Food That's Great for Eating on the Run - June  2013

Keep the Wheat in Our Diet - June 2013

Get the Point about Immunizations: It Saves Lives - April 2013

Dental Care is a Right for All - April 2013

Smoke-Free Buildings: Together, Let's Clear the Air - February 2013