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- Lindsay Exhibition Will Again Provide a Breastfeeding Area for Families -

(LINDSAY) – When it comes to supporting breastfeeding, the Lindsay Exhibition is doing its fair bit yet again.

A breastfeeding area for families will again be provided at the Lindsay Ex, which runs this week (September 17 to 21) at the Lindsay Fairgrounds. The breastfeeding space will be located inside the Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC) trailer, which is situated next to the poultry barn. The trailer provides space for women to breastfeed, as well as a place for parents to change their babies.

“The OEYC recruited other community services this year to help staff the trailer, which highlights how our community can work together in protecting and supporting breastfeeding,” says Judy Robbins, Parent Education Program Manager of the OEYC Haliburton Victoria Brock. Information about parent-infant programs and local breastfeeding resources will be available from OEYC and other Community Support Service Staff.

The family-friendly space for breastfeeding is being offered in co-operation with the Lindsay Ex, the OEYC Haliburton Victoria Brock and the City of Kawartha Lakes Breastfeeding Coalition. The fair has offered such a space for breastfeeding mothers for the past few years.

“We are very pleased that organizers of the Lindsay Exhibition continue to offer a family-friendly environment that supports breastfeeding,” says Megan Gill-Vander Wielen, who co-chairs the CKL Breastfeeding Coalition.

While the Ontario Human Rights Commission states that women have the right to breastfeed in public spaces, some women still feel there is a stigma to doing so in public, Gill-Vander Wielen notes.

“There is still a perception that breastfeeding should be kept hidden, and this view is far from correct,” adds Kari Kelsey, the other co-chairperson of the CKL Breastfeeding Coalition. “By offering breastfeeding-friendly public places like that offered at the Lindsay Ex, we can support and encourage more mothers to breastfeed their babies.”

Research shows breastfed babies have a reduced risk of childhood infections, chronic diseases and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Women also benefit from breastfeeding, as it helps them lose weight following birth and reduces their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and brittle bones in later years. Breastfeeding is convenient, always available, less expensive for families, and reduces waste for the environment.

The CKL Breastfeeding Coalition was established to provide support to local mothers so they can continue breastfeeding their babies. For more information on the Breastfeeding Coalition or the programs offered by the OEYC, call (705) 324-7900 or click here.

To find out more about breastfeeding classes, support and resources, contact the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit at (705) 324-3569 or visit


For media inquiries, contact:

Megan Gill-Vander Wielen, Ontario Early Years Centre, (705) 324-7900,

or Cindy Hutchinson, Family Health Nurse, HKPR District Health Unit, (705) 324-3569.

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