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- Used Items Available at Garage Sales May Not be Safe for Resale, Health Unit Warns -

With garage sale season here again, local residents are being reminded not to sell out on safety.

The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit warns that selling unsafe items at garage sales can be dangerous. Many products, especially for young children, may not meet safety standards and are better dismantled, destroyed or thrown out.

In Canada, people who hold a garage sale are legally responsible under the Canada Consumer Products Safety Act for ensuring that products sold – whether new or used – are safe and meet current regulatory requirements. Anyone who sells, distributes or gives away consumer products that do not meet regulatory requirements is breaking the law.

“Garage sale items can seem like a bargain, but in fact may pose a safety risk to the person who purchases them,” says Emmy Anastasiou, a Family Health Nurse with the HKPR District Health Unit. “As more garage sale signs pop up around the community this spring and summer, we need to be aware that it’s not just the case of buyer beware, but also seller be safe.”

Anastasiou points to some specific child products that are illegal to sell or give away in Canada, including baby walkers, infant self-feeding devices, lawn darts with elongated tips, and polycarbonate baby bottles containing BPA. She also advises people to be watchful for other products used for babies and young children such as baby gates, car seats, cradles, change tables, playpens, bike helmets and strollers.

“Many of these older products may be past their best-before or expiry dates and no longer meet specific regulatory rules,” Anastasiou notes. “In these cases, it is best to throw the items out.”

People can get more about consumer product information by calling Health Canada at 1-866-662-0666 or clicking here. For information on consumer product recalls posted by Health Canada, click here. The Health Unit also has Garage Sale Safety Tips for your consideration

“Remember that what someone considers trash can truly be someone else’s treasure, just as long as it meets safety standards and will not put someone else in danger,” Anastasiou notes.


For media inquiries, contact:

Emmy Anastasiou, Family Health Nurse, HKPR District Health Unit, (705) 324-3569.

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