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- Health Unit Says Healthy Eating Should Be Enjoyable, Not a Source of Frustration and Confusion -

Eating fads, digestive woes, picky eating, stress, and managing a disease or condition are some of the most common things that cause confusion and sour people’s relationship with food.

Local residents are being encouraged to tackle these issues head on and, in the process, take the fight out of food. That’s the theme that Dietitians of Canada is promoting during Nutrition Month in March. The organization wants people to follow three simple steps when trying to deal with issues like food fads that complicate how they eat:

Spot the problem. Define first what’s causing your fight with food.

Get the facts. Use facts from credible sources to decide what needs to be done to solve the problem.

Seek support. Put the plan into action with support from a Registered Dietitian, family and friends.

“Food is so personal and emotional. As much as people may think they are a ‘foodie’ and enjoy preparing and eating healthy food, they may be making the unhealthy choice because there is so much misinformation about nutrition which is intimidating, confusing and frustrating,” says Elsie Azevedo Perry, a Registered Dietitian with the HKPR District Health Unit. “Improving your relationship with food and making sure you are eating healthy starts with getting reliable information that does not promise a quick fix or involve trying to sell you something.”

Registered Dietitians are a valuable resource to turn to for healthy eating advice, as they have many years of schooling and training in nutrition, Azevedo Perry notes. To be ‘Registered,’ Dietitians belong to the College of Dietitians of Ontario, a regulatory body that holds them accountable for the nutrition information they provide people.

In Ontario, it’s easy to contact a Registered Dietitian at no charge. By calling EatRight Ontario at 1-877-510-5102 through the week, people can get valuable and easy-to-understand nutrition advice.

As in all relationships, problems may arise that negatively affect people’s eating habits and how they feel about their food, especially when information is inaccurate or unreliable. That’s why for Nutrition Month, Dietitians of Canada has created fact sheets to provide support and reliable information for people who are confused about food fads, digestive woes, picky eating, eating and stress, and managing a condition, and provide information about how to follow the three-step solution (spot the problem, get the facts, seek support) for each issue. Links to fact sheets, special recipes, online apps and other resources are available by clicking here or by calling the Health Unit at 1-866-888-4577.

When it comes to food fads that promise a cure-all for everything, Azevedo Perry advises not to believe these claims. “Words such as ‘detoxify’, ‘purify’, ‘cleanse’ and ‘miracle’ should all raise flags,” she says. “Don’t accept nutrition information online without checking who wrote it and if it’s based on real science.”

For media inquiries, contact:

Elsie Azevedo Perry, Public Health Nutritionist, HKPR District Health Unit, (905) 885-9100 or toll-free: 1-866-888-4577.

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