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front cover of protocol document

Table of Contents

  • Premise/Facility under investigation (name and full address):

    • Lakeland Clinic, 2 Albert Street North, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4J1

  • Type of Premise/Facility (e.g., clinic, personal service setting):

    • oral surgery dental clinic

  • Date Board of Health became aware of IPAC Lapse:

    • 4/22/2018

  • Date of initial report posting:

    • No initial report posted as patient notification was required

  • Date of initial report update(s), if applicable:

    • n/a

  • How the IPAC lapse was identified?

    • Reportable disease investigation

  • Summary description of the IPAC lapse:

    • During the inspection it was observed that the sterilization of medical devices on site did not follow the Royal College of Dental Surgeons’ Infection Control standard or the Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee (PIDAC) Best Practice Standards for medical device reprocessing and infection control in a clinical office setting. As part of the investigation, a potential link between two Hepatitis C cases related to the same dental office exposure was also identified. Patients that may be at risk received notification by mail from the Health Unit. Letters were mailed May 25, 2018.