This Version Posted: March 29, 2020

Image of staff member Sue Shikaze

Sue Shikaze
Health Promoter
HKPR District Health Unit

I’m a big music fan, and Canadian artist Sam Roberts is one of my favourites. His song, ‘We’re All in This Together’, seems like a perfect soundtrack for the current COVID-19 situation, as we try to understand how best to cope and stay healthy. 

We all play a part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by: washing our hands, practising social distancing, and staying home if sick. 

While no one is immune to COVID-19, some people are more likely to feel stressed because they are:

  • Alone and isolated.
  • Trying to care for and occupy children who are off school.
  • Fearful of finances because they’re off work and not getting paid. 
  • Have an existing illness or compromised immune system that puts them at greater risk of COVID-19. 

That’s when Sam Roberts’ message that ‘we’re all in this together’ really strikes a chord. Even with social distancing, we can build a sense of connection that comes from acts of kindness and generosity, both large and small. It’s heartening to see community-minded actions already happening here. Area libraries are offering online story time. Local Rotary Club members are volunteering to deliver grocery orders to those unable to get out. 

These acts can inspire us to assist others too. Let’s: 

  • Donate food and other essential household items to a local food bank, which faces increasing demand as more people are home from work and may not be getting paid.
  • Call a neighbour who lives alone and provide reassurance and support.
  • Offer to get groceries and other supplies for a neighbour in need. We can leave items on their porch or by the front door for them to pick up. 
  • Volunteer with local community groups who may be delivering groceries or frozen meals.

Doing good in times of need does us good too… so it’s time we change our tune and remember those key lyrics: we’re all in this together!