This Version Posted: November 13, 2019

Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD) affects one in five new mothers. PPMD is a serious medical condition and is the number one complication after birth. It can start at anytime between pregnancy up until the baby is one year old. Researchers are unsure of the cause but believe it could be related to the following risk factors: hormonal changes, history of depression, history of PPMD with previous pregnancies, past or present physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.

**Men can suffer from PPMD too. Up to 10 per cent of new fathers develop depression after a baby is born.


Crisis Lines

  • Four County Crisis Community Mental Health Crisis response Program (24 Hour)
    • 705-745-6484 or 1-866-9933
  • Telehealth Ontario (24 Hour)
    • 1-866-797-0000

Web Sites

Local resources

  • Lakeshore Counselling (Cobourg)
    • 905-377-9891
  • Northumberland Community Counselling Centre
    • 905-372-6318 or 905-372-6425
  • Women’s Health County – Point in Time Centre for Children, Youth and Parents
    • Haliburton 705-457-5345 or Minden 705-286-2191
  • Ross Memorial Community Counselling (CMHA) Lindsay and surrounding area
    • 705-878-8900
  • Haliburton Highlands Mental Health Services
    • 705-286-4575
  • Women’s Health Centre (Peterborough regional Health Centre)
    • 1-800-419-3111