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Updated: April 6, 2020 at 12:40 pm

Help slow the spread of COVID-19 to protect the health of everyone, especially those most vulnerable to illness like people 65 years of age and older and those with compromised immune systems.

Do not gather in large gatherings of more than five people! Note: As of now,  Ontario is banning groups of five or more people. The only exceptions are families with more than five people and child care centres supporting frontline health care workers and first responders (so long as each centre does not exceed 50 people). Funerals are permitted, but only with up to 10 people at a time.  

You can still stay connected with your members/parishioners/congregants at this time. Consider the following:  

  • Offer virtual or live-streamed services temporarily to reduce the risk to the public.  
  • Keep in touch by phone or via social media/email/text. Share credible information – like what’s on this website on how people can protect themselves from COVID-19. 
  • Adults aged 70 years and older or people with compromised immune systems are being asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Think about ways that you can reach out to these individuals by phone or electronical means. See if you can assist with essential errands (e.g. groceries, pharmacy pick-up), keeping in mind the importance of protecting your own health by practising physical distancing.

When regular worship services resume, consider these additional preventive tips: 

  • Encourage everyone to wash their hands. Make this easier by putting out more hand-cleaning stations and alcohol-based sanitizer dispensers in your place of worship. 
  • Stop shaking hands or hugging.  
  • Remind people to cough/sneeze into their sleeves. 
  • Review the sharing of items during special religious sacraments/rites, at least while COVID-19 continues to circulate. You may want to consult further with your parish/diocese/denomination/national body. 
  • Maintain a clean and safe space through regular cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Encourage staff and visitors to stay home when sick. 
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