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This Version Posted: May 25, 2020

The current COVID-19 situation is causing lots of stress and anxiety for people. It may be triggering you to smoke more often, restart your tobacco habit or put off quitting entirely.   

This is understandable, but not the best approach. Even in these difficult times, many programs and supports are still available to help you quit smoking. And while there are always health benefits to going tobacco-free, doing so during COVID-19 may be even more important to your well-being!  

Smokers at Higher Risk 

According to groups like the World Health Organization and Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, smokers may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 because: 

  • The act of smoking means a smoker’s fingers (or contaminated cigarette) come in contact with the lips. This increases the risk of the virus being spread from hand-to-mouth. 
  • Smokers may already have lung disease or reduced lung capacity which increases the risk of serious respiratory illness like COVID-19. 
  • Cigarettes, vaping devices, water pipes and related smoking products (including mouth pieces) are often shared with others. This also leads to a higher risk of illness.  
Quit-Smoking Supports 

Even in the age of physical distancing and self-isolating, you’re not alone in trying to go tobacco-free. Check out these resources on how to quit for good: