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This Version Posted: August 31, 2020

Beach Water Test Results by Community

NOTE: The Health Unit’s beach water testing program is complete for 2020. Testing will resume again in Summer 2021.

The Health Unit uses a three-colour system to show test results for local beaches:

  • Green – Open (safe for swimming) – Low Risk
  • Yellow – Advisory Posting – Medium Risk – (Based on latest test results, there are high counts of bacteria in the water. Swimming is not recommended, as it may increase your risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose or throat infections or stomach illness. If you choose to swim during this advisory, avoid dunking your head or swallowing the water).
  • Red – Closed (do not swim; not open for public use) – High Risk

Please note: Test results reflect the water quality only at the time of sampling. The water samples can take between two to three days to process and results are therefore not displayed in real time. Changes in water quality can occur very rapidly and frequently. The sampling results provided are for information purposes only.

Northumberland County 

Bewdley Optimist Park – Hamilton

Crowe Bridge Park – Trent Hills

Harwood Waterfront & Dock – Hamilton

Hastings Waterfront North – Trent Hills

Hastings Waterfront South – Trent Hills

Little Lake – Cramahe

Caldwell Street Beach – Port Hope

East Beach – Port Hope

West Beach – Port Hope

Sandy Bay Beach – Alnwick Haldimand

*Victoria Park – Cobourg

**blue flag beach

Wicklow Beach – Alnwick Haldimand

City of Kawartha Lakes

Beach Park – Bobcaygeon

Birch Point – Fenelon Falls

Blanchards Road Beach – Bexley

Bond Street – Fenelon Falls

Burnt River Beach – Somerville

Centennial Beach – Verulam

Centennial Park West – Eldon

Burnt River Four Mile Lake – Somerville

Head Lake – Laxton

Norland Bathing Area – Laxton

Omemee Beach – Emily/ Omemee

Riverview Beach Park – Bobycaygeon

Sturgeon Point Beach – Fenelon Falls

Valentia Beach (Sandbar Beach) – Valentia

Verulam Recreational Park – Verulam

Haliburton County

Bissett Beach – Minden

Dorsett Parkette – Algonquin Highlands

Eagle Lake – Dysart et al

Elvin Johnson Park – Algonquin Highlands

Forsters Beach – Minden

Glamor Lake Park – Highland East

Gooderham Lake – Highland East

Haliburton Lake South – Dysart et al

Rotary Head Lake Beach – Dysart et al

Wilbermere Lake – Highland East

Horseshoe Lake – Minden

Rotary Park Lagoon – Minden

Rotary Park Main – Minden

Paudash Lake – Highland East

West Gilford Pine Lake – Dysart et al

Sand Point – Dysart et al

Sandy Cove – Dysart et al

Kashagauigamog Lake (Silver Lake) – Dysart et al

Twelve Mile Beach – Minden