Series of cellphones showing COVID Alert app features

This Version Posted: September 2, 2020

Download a free, easy and safe-to-use app to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The federal and Ontario governments have teamed up to develop the new COVID Alert app that can be downloaded to your smartphone.

The COVID Alert app will:

  • Notify you if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
  • Offer advice on what to do next
  • Let others who have been in close contact with you know if you test positive for the virus (without sharing personal information).

The app does not collect personal information or health data, and does not know or track the location, name, address, or contacts of any user.

The more people who download COVID Alert, the more effective it is. The app can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by more quickly identifying potential new cases and contacts.

To download or learn more, visit:

For more information about COVID Alert, contact the Health Unit at 1-866-888-4577, ext. 5020, or email: