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This Version Posted: June 11, 2021

Current Situation
  • Ontario is now in Step One of its Roadmap to Reopen. Step One rules are the same across Ontario, including Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes. There are no more colour zones for different regions.
  • For full details on Step One, visit the Ontario government website. In general during Step One: non-essential retailers can open for limited in-person shopping; outdoor dining is permitted on restaurant patios; outdoor gatherings increase in size to up to 10 people; and more outdoor activities like camping, fitness classes and religious services can resume. Read further on this page for more details.
  • Ontario entered Step One on June 11 and is expected to remain in this phase for at least 21 days. If vaccination goals are met and there are positive trends in COVID-19 numbers, then Ontario would move to Step Two with more openings and less restrictions.

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Highlights – Step One
  • Step One allows outdoor activities to resume with smaller, well-managed crowds where risk of COVID-19 spread is reduced.
  • More retailers and other amenities can also open with restrictions.
  • You can leave home to travel, but are not allowed to host members of another household indoors (except for a caregiver or a person from another household who lives alone). Travel from Manitoba or Quebec into Ontario is still restricted (with exemptions).
  • Please refer to Ontario Regulation 82/20 for a complete list of public health and workplace safety measures and restrictions in Step One.
  • Please follow these new rules, while continuing COVID-19 prevention measures such as wearing masks, practising physical distancing by keeping two metres apart from others outside your household, and frequent handwashing with soap and water.
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Specific Rules – Step One

Read on for more details on Stage One rules.

Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings
  • Up to 10 people are now allowed at outdoor gatherings and organized public events. Be sure to maintain 2 metres physical distance from anyone you do not live with. You must wear a mask if you are within 2 metres of a person who is not part of your household.
  • Indoor gatherings are still not allowed in Step One, except with members of your own household (people you live with) and caregivers. Individuals who live alone may have exclusive contact with another household to reduce the impact of social isolation.
  • Limit close contact to only members of your household (the people you live with).
  • Retirement homes are exempt from organized public event and social gathering restrictions.
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Religious Services, Weddings and Funerals
  • Indoor weddings, funerals and religious services are now allowed at 15% capacity of the particular room.
  • Outdoor services are allowed, with capacity limited to permit 2 metres physical distancing
  • Receptions held outdoors are allowed, but with a maximum of 10 people
  • Indoor receptions are not permitted at this time, except with members of the same household.
  • Drive-in services, rites or ceremonies are permitted, with certain conditions
  • Virtual services are allowed
  • Click here for more information on COVID-19 prevention measures at places of worship.
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Businesses and Services

Click here for specifics on which businesses/services can open and resume. In general:

  • Restaurants and bars can now expand their services to include outdoor dining. Up to four people are allowed per table on patios (more than four people can sit at a table if they are members of the same household). Dine-in customers must be seated at all times (except to pay or use washroom) and must be screened for COVID-19. Tables must be spaced at least 2 metres apart or have a barrier separating them. Indoor dining remains closed in Step One, but restaurants/bars can continue offering takeout, drive-through and delivery services
  • Essential retailers (including discount and big box stores) remain limited to 25% capacity, but are now allowed to sell all items without restrictions.
  • Non-essential retailers can now reopen for in-person shopping, but with a 15% capacity limit. There are no restrictions on the items that can be sold.
  • Retail stores in malls that have a street-facing entrance may open to in-person shopping (at 15% capacity). Stores located inside malls must stay closed except for delivery and pickup (at a designated location)
  • Sports and recreational fitness facilities must stay closed for indoor use (except with limited exceptions such as accessing washrooms). However, they can be open for outdoor fitness classes and outdoor personal training, with up to 10 people and 3 metres distance between participants. All patrons must have their contact information collected and be actively screened for COVID-19. Outdoor team sports are also allowed, but for training only.
  • Hotels and motels are open for overnight stays.
  • All construction is allowed
  • Veterinarian services and animal care services (like pet grooming, animal shelters, pet sitters, etc.) remain open
  • Concert venues, theatres and cinemas may open for drive-in and drive-through concerts, events or performances. Patrons must remain in their vehicles with limited exceptions (such as using washroom). Outdoor rehearsals or performances (for a recorded or broadcasted concert) are allowed with restrictions, including being limited to no more than 10 performers.
  • Personal care services (like barbershops, hair salons, tattoo studios, etc.) remain closed.
  • Meeting and event spaces remain closed (with exceptions for government operations, court services, etc.)
  • Drive-in movie theatres can open. All other movie cinemas remain closed
  • Casino, bingo halls and gaming establishments remain closed
  • Click here for a full list of businesses that must remain closed in Step One.
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Outdoor Activities and Amenities
  • Outdoor amenities like golf courses, tennis courts, skateboarding parks, sports fields, and basketball courts remain open with restrictions. Horse riding is also permitted, with restrictions. Anyone using these amenities much stay two metres apart from anyone outside their household.
  • Outdoor pools, splash pads, spray pads, whirlpools, wading pools and water slides can all open, but with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 metres
  • Short-term rentals such as cottages, cabins, and resorts are now allowed to open. Outdoor pools can open. However, indoor pools, communal steam rooms, saunas/whirlpools and indoor fitness centres/recreational facilities at these sites must stay closed.
  • Marinas can be open, but all indoor amenities must stay closed. Recreational boating is allowed, but only members of the same household can be on the same boat.
  • Day camps are allowed to reopen, based on guidance from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. Overnight camps remain closed for now, but can reopen in Step 2 of reopening.
  • Overnight camping at campgrounds and campsites (including Ontario Parks) is now allowed.
  • Outdoor horse racing tracks and motor speedways can reopen with restrictions, but no spectators are allowed
  • Outdoor attractions like zoos, landmarks, historic sites, botanical gardens and similar attractions can reopen with reduced capacity and other restrictions
  • Fairs and rural exhibitions remain closed
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Garage/Yard Sales

Outdoor garage and yard sales are now allowed, but with the following COVID-19 restrictions in place:

  • No more than 10 people total are allowed at a time
  • People must stay 2 metres apart from others
  • Sale items must be displayed outdoors, not inside garages or other enclosed structures
  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer and recommend its use
  • Masks are recommended if people cannot maintain 2 metres (6 feet) physical distance
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About Ontario’s Three-Step Roadmap to Reopen

Ontario’s three-step reopening plan is based on overall COVID-19 vaccination rates in Ontario and other key health indicators (such as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, ICU occupancy and new admissions). In general:

  • Step One:
    • Starts after 60% of Ontario adults receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and if public health indicators mean it is safe to start on the Roadmap.
    • Step One allows outdoor activities to resume with smaller, well-managed crowds where risk of COVID-19 spread is reduced. More retailers and other amenities can also open with restrictions.
  • Step Two
    • Starts when 70% of Ontario adults have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, 20% of adults have two doses, and there are positive trends in health indicators,
    • This step further expands outdoor activities, while allowing limited indoor services with restrictions and small numbers of people who wear masks.
  • Step Three
    • Moves here if 70-80% of Ontario adults have one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and one-quarter of adults have both doses. Health indicators must also be trending in a positive way.
    • This steps allows more indoor services to resume, with restrictions and larger numbers of people allowed inside.
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