This Version Posted: June 27, 2022

IMPORTANT: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer needed to enter certain businesses (like restaurants). However, businesses and other organizations may choose to continue to require proof of vaccination for anyone to enter their premises if they so choose.

A written medical exemption from a health care provider is no longer valid and will not be accepted. Here are the steps to follow to get an enhanced medical exemption (with QR code) for vaccine proof.

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Get Your Proof of Vaccination
If You Received Your COVID-19 Vaccine in Ontario:

Proof of vaccine is no longer needed to enter certain businesses (unless a business or setting chooses to continue this requirement). If you still require an enhanced vaccine certificate QR code, visit the Province’s COVID-19 vaccination portal or call 1-833-943-3900 to print or download your proof of vaccine (by calling, you can also have the vaccine certificate mailed to you. Many local libraries are also offering to access/print vaccine certificates with QR code) IMPORTANT NOTE: Ontario’s enhanced vaccine certificate can also be used as a proof of vaccination for travel outside of Canada (you do not need a separate federal document showing this).

Any proof of vaccine receipt that does not include the official QR code is not valid.

If You Received Vaccine Outside of Ontario

Please click here to find out what to do about registering out-of-province COVID-19 vaccinations.

Visitors from outside of Canada who do not have access to a QR code from their home jurisdiction or country may show their own country’s or jurisdiction’s vaccine receipt(s) to prove they are fully vaccinated and must show their valid non-Canadian passport or NEXUS card as ID. Please refer to Ontario’s Proof of COVID-19 vaccination webpage for more info.

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If You Need a Medical Exemption

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required to enter certain businesses in Ontario. However, individual businesses and organizations can still choose to require proof of vaccination. Proof of vaccine or medical exemptions may also be needed if travelling within and outside of Canada.

If proof of vaccine is still required to enter or visit somewhere, you can get a medical exemption to enter. To get a medical exemption, follow these steps. NOTE: A written medical exemption from a health care provider is no longer valid and will not be accepted.

To Get Your New Medical Exemption
  • Contact a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to be assessed and determine if you are eligible for a medical exemption (Please Note: Medical exemptions may have an expiry date. It is your responsibility to check back with your health care provider to have your circumstances reassessed and to see if a new request for medical exemption needs to be submitted to the Health Unit).
  • If eligible, the health care provider will submit your medical exemption directly to the local Health Unit for review. 
  • The Health Unit will review the submitted medical exemption, and if approved, enter the information into the provincial vaccine tracking system.
  • You can then download your enhanced vaccine certificate with the QR code on the COVID-19 vaccination portal. (NOTE: It will take approximately 10 business days for the exemption to be processed from the time it is sent to the Health Unit)
Medical Exemptions for Travel

If a medical exemption for vaccination is needed for travel, check first with your destination and carrier (e.g. airline, cruise or railway company) for specific requirements. Travelers should also check with the federal government for travel and COVID requirements 

In certain cases, an exemption request can be submitted directly to the airline, cruise, or railway company by the health care provider. Existing provincial medical exemptions may be accepted in lieu of the medical doctor or nurse practitioner’s signature.  

For Health Care Providers
  • If you receive a request for medical exemption from a client, please ensure the client is eligible by referring to Medical Exemption Guidance (
  • Once complete, please fax the medical exemption to the Health Unit at 905-885-5352 for review.

NOTE: Medical exemptions issued outside of Ontario are not eligible for an enhanced vaccine certificate at this time. For more information, visit the Medical Exemptions page on the Government of Ontario website.

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Information for Businesses and Organizations

Proof of vaccine is no longer required. However, your business or organization can continue to require it if needed.

Verify Ontario App

As of June 24, 2022, the Verify Ontario Mobile app used to scan for vaccine QR codes is no longer available.

Additional Resources for Businesses

Businesses and organizations can also submit additional questions to the Ontario Ministry of Health

De-Escalating Possible Confrontations

Watch these Health Unit videos for ways to handle and defuse difficult situations when asking patrons/customers for proof of COVID-19 vaccination:

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Exemptions to Vaccine Certificates

If your business/organization chooses to continue requiring proof of vaccine for customers/patrons, the following individuals are exempt from having to show proof:

  • Children under age 12 (who are not currently eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines)
  • Individuals who cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to eligible medical exemptions or who are participating in an active, Health Canada Approved COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial must now follow a new process. Click here to learn how to get an enhanced medical exemption (with QR code) for vaccine proof.
  • Someone who enters an indoor area solely for the following purposes: to use a washroom; to access an outdoor area that can only be accessed through an indoor route; to make a retail purchase; to place or pick up a takeout order; to place a bet or pick up winnings (in the case of a horse racing track); while paying for an order; to purchase admission; or for the purposes of health and safety
  • Workers, contractors, repair workers, delivery workers, students, volunteers, inspectors or others who are entering the business or organization for work purposes and not as patrons/customers.
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